SoCal’s Best Kept Concert Secret: Jimmy Kimmel Live

concert secret

“I’ve got a secret, it’s on the tip of my tongue, it’s on the back of my lungs.”

You know what’s better than gettin’ up close and personal with your favorite artists at a concert? Doin’ it FO FREE. Nope, I’m not pulling your leg – this is the real deal.

The perk of being a SoCal resident is that you have access to some of the best acts in the music business, granted that you’re willing to sit through traffic for it. Between LA and San Diego, there is a variety of options from sold-out stadium shows to small intimate concert venues. But of all of the shows that grace our Golden State, some of my favorite performances are the live television tapings, which brings us to the not so secret secret – Jimmy Kimmel Live.


We all know that talk shows like Kimmel, GMA and Ellen are no stranger to hosting musical guests, and while it’s great watching them on TV, it’s even better seeing the action in person…especially when getting your hands on tickets is much easier than you’d think. Live shows rely on giving away free tickets to fill the studio audience, which means that they want you there as much as you want to be there. You get a free show, they look good with a full audience. Win-win.

JKLHOLD UP now cause is about to become your best friend. Tickets for mini concerts, where artists typically play 4-5 songs for the live tapings of JKL, are constantly up for grabs on the site. All you’ve gotta do it make a profile, sign up and wait. That’s it.

What’s cool about 1iota is that the more you frequent JKL, the greater your chances are at obtaining tix in the future. (That being said, if you can no longer attend, make sure to decline your tickets to keep your good standing.)

Concert schedules are updated frequently, so be sure to check on the site regularly to see when your favorite artists might perform. Outdoor mini concerts have their own ticket listings, while indoor mini’s (which you will typically have to find out from the artist’s page) are reserved for members of the live audience unless otherwise specified.

Happy ticket hunting!


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