Snapshots From: Chase Rice Jack Daniels And Jesus Tour


“We got our eyes blurred right and the weird up loud.”

Any time Chase Rice is involved, you know it’s gonna be a good time. So naturally, when my friend offered to extend a night in Riverside into a Chase Rice weekend I took her up on the offer.

We rolled up to Riverside on Friday afternoon to avoid any crazy weekend traffic. The Riverside Municipal Auditorium was a new venue for us all so we had to make sure we could get there early enough to scope out the sitch. After a laughable run-in with the man himself, dealing with disorganized concert organizers and a nice pre-game, we were ready to get the show on the road.

Louisiana native Jordan Davis opened up the night, leaving quite an impression on the crowd. From “Going Round” to “Take It From Me”, his tunes are extremely catchy and the perfect setup for the night. By night two, I was singing along. Jordan is currently working on some new music for his EP, but for now you can check him out on Soundcloud (Jordan Davis Soundwriter).

IMG_1043 IMG_1041

If you’ve never heard of The Cadillac Three, you don’t know what you’re missin’. Jaren, Kelby and Neil are bonafide rockstars and know how to pump up the crowd like no other. Their unique style of southern rock electrified the crowd and the drum solo –  let’s just say it leaves you in awe. Prior to forming the band, Jaren wrote a bunch of tunes including “Days Of Gold” for Jake Owen, which they did their own rendition of for the tour. If you wanna see these guys in action you can catch them on tour with Kip Moore in the coming month.


IMG_1056 IMG_1052

Next up, Chase Rice. Since his last tour, the band has added two new guitarists, John and Chris, who fit right in. Both nights of the tour were a good time, but Chase had quite a few surprises up his sleeve for The Wiltern. The LA show got treated to Old Dominion, who played in town last night. And rather than bringing a fan up on stage for “Ride” this time, Chase brought out Macy Maloy who does the background vocals on the track. Pictures below are a mix from both shows thanks to Mr. Outfit Repeater 😉

IMG_0998 IMG_1012 IMG_1025 IMG_1068 IMG_1077 IMG_1078

I was too busy recording but this insta proves Macy Maloy is basically all of us if were up on that stage for “Ride”. That girl’s got an amazing voice live and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for her new EP.

Thank you to whoever captured this! I'll caption it, "Aw hail, my grandmas at the show."

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