Rebranding PT. II – Should You Rename Your Brand?

should you rename

Should you rename your brand during a rebranding process? For the past week, I’ve been racking my brain and bouncing back and forth with this question. One minute, I’ll think “yes, changing the name is essential in this rebranding process,” but then the next minute, I think about the repercussions of changing the name and all of the work that I’ve already put into it.

Despite the fact that the direction of this blog steered off the beaten path, “Just A Touch of Pink” is still very much applicable to my life/lifestyle. When I created this blog, I came up with this great post about the meaning behind the name. It seems such a shame to throw it all away.

But the more I’ve thought about my new brand, the more I’ve been leaning towards renaming my brand. And here’s why:

1. It’s still fresh. Although I’ve been growing my audience for the last six months, Just A Touch Of Pink is still a relatively new name for many, which makes it a lot easier to transition into something else. If a large brand, like say Starbucks for example, were all of sudden interested in rebranding and changing their name, it would be difficult. There’s a lot more work needed for them to transition and redirect people to a new space.

2. It’s not broad enough. In my original post on why I was rebranding, I discussed the struggles of having ADD. Say I keep Just A Touch Of Pink because it’s still relevant in my life right now. But what happens in a year? Five years? Ten? I don’t know how long the lifespan of this blog will be, BUT I do know that I am only in my twenties. I am discovering myself. I am changing every day (or at least, I hope I am). And who knows if this moniker will still be relevant in my life as I journey towards the person I am meant to become.

3. Cohesion. I remember thinking when I first came up with Just A Touch Of Pink, I thought “wait, does this mean I have to change all of my social handles too?”. An important part of branding in this day and age is to optimize your social handles so that people can find you easily. Both my Twitter and Instagram handles are @vivianlindsay (my name) and it didn’t make sense to change them to @justatouchofpink; it would’ve just confused everyone that I was already connected with. But by leaving my handles the same as they have been for years, I created a disconnect between myself and my brand. I broke rule number one of branding: understanding your own brand/telling your story.

Point number is what directed me to my potential new brand. It was so simple: Vivian Lindsay. It’s my name and it’s something about me that was never going to change. Does it tell a whole story? Absolutely not. But would it reflect this lifestyle that I’m sharing with all of you, no matter what changes come my way? Absolutely.

So if changing your name (for a blog/brand, not your actual name) is something you’ve been thinking about, take the time and answer these questions for yourself: Does your brand name showcase your values and brand personality? Does it tell your story? Is it taking you in the direction that you want to go in?


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