New Site. New Name.

I Believe In Pink | Just a Touch of Pink

New me. New site. New name.

I’ve recently decided to give blogging another go (and am determined to maintain this one with at least one post a week). I decided to build a whole new site – a lifestyle site that encompasses who I am now that I am in my twenties versus when I was eighteen. Because let’s be real, I can’t keep a blog called “My, My Sorority Girl” forever. So I racked my brain to come up with a title that would reflect who I am and what I wanted to write about. And boom – Just a Touch of Pink was born, a culmination of lifestyle tips and insights into the daily life of a PR girl.

Growing up I decided I didn’t like pink because it was defined as a typical “girl color” and I wanted to be different (and I wanted to be one of the guys). As I got older and started to define what kind of person I wanted to be, pink started to grow on me. I came to realize that I can have my afternoons playing COD and my afternoons attempting to re-create every craft on Pinterest. I can binge watch Gossip Girl on a Friday night and spend my days drafting up the perfect Fantasy baseball team. I can obsess over frilly details and still kick butt at everything I do. I can still call green my favorite color and enjoy a touch of pink. I don’t have to give up the girly side of me to make it in a man’s world. Pink is a power color – it says, “you’re going to underestimate me because I’m pretty, but I’m going to surprise you.”

As my icon Audrey Hepburn once said, “I believe in pink.”  I believe in sparkles and flowers and all things girly. I believe in moderation. I believe that every person, man or woman, can use a little pink in their lives.


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