Moonshine Flats: A Honky-Tonk In The City

Moonshine Flats

“I didn’t come here to hear somethin’ thumpin’ from the city.”

There’s no feeling like the feeling of letting loose to that steel guitar sound. But living in the hustle and bustle of San Diego where the gas-lamps light up the path to Vegas-styled clubs like Omnia and Fluxx, it can be hard to find a spot to play without shelling out some major cash and spending way too many hours perfecting a face that’s sure to melt off before the clock strikes midnight. For this reason, I am grateful for Moonshine Flats.

Sometimes a girl just wants to get down, mason jar whiskey drank in hand, grooving to the beat of a live band. Moonshine FlatsĀ gets it. With the best up and coming bands and country boys and girls two-steppin’ away three nights a week, it’s no secret that the self-described “in your face honky-tonk bar with a sexy edge” definitely lives by their motto of “live free, rock hard”.

It’s no secret that intimate concert venues are my jam (whaddup House of Blues). Over the summer, Moonshine Flats delivered on bringing in grade-A talent, which drove me stage-side nearly every week. See for yourself:

IMG_6086 IMG_6248 IMG_6945

So if you’re looking for a taste of country in America’s Finest City, look no further than Moonshine Flats. While you’re there, keep an eye out for your girl.


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