How My Dad’s Birthday Put Things Into Perspective

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“Don’t blink, life goes faster than you think.”

It’s FriYAY and brace yourselves – we’re about to get real sentimental on today’s post. Out of all of Kenny Chesney’s music, there are two songs that resonate with me the most. The first is “There Goes My Life”, which, for those who are unfamiliar with the tune recounts the thoughts and feelings of a man who becomes a father at a young age. At the start of the song, he questions how he was going to raise a kid when he was still a kid himself. But as the song progresses, the meaning of “there goes my life” shifts from negative to positive to nostalgic as his daughter grows up and leaves the house.

This is the song that my dad and I danced to for our Father/Daughter dance two years ago. My parents were 22 and 23 when I was born and over the years, I’ve heard their own reflections on what it felt like to have parental responsibilities at such a young age.

As we celebrated my dad’s 46th birthday last week, I find myself thinking about another Chesney tune: “Don’t blink.” The song pretty much speaks for itself. As we get older, we come to recognize our own mortality, as well as the mortality of our loved ones.  It’s gentle reminder that life is what happens when you’re too busy making plans and that we need to remember to enjoy each day. Be here in the now.

So with that in mind, we honored the hardest working man I know and took my dad on his FIRST vacation in 12 years. This man, who used to work graveyard shifts and now works 60 hours a week at times, surely deserved it. While it may not seem like a very long vacation for someone who hasn’t took a vacation in a long time, we spent four days in Los Angeles and Orange County making new memories and living in the moment.

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If you ever find yourself stuck in a routine of corporate chaos, stop and listen to “Don’t Blink.” Remember that life is more than just making money or paying the bills. It’s about living.


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