DIY Rhinestone Alcohol Bottle

A person’s 21st birthday is an exciting rite of passage. And nothing says “let’s celebrate!” like a bedazzled bottle of your favorite poison. In honor of my little’s (little sister from my sorority) 21st birthday, I decided to bling out her favorite drink as a part of her birthday gift.

DIY Rhinestone Alcohol Bottle

Now before attempting this project I must warn you, this is super time consuming. It took me several hours (although I was catching up on Walking Dead, so that might have been distracting) to complete this masterpiece. But the look on her face when she opened it: priceless.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Rhinestone bottle supplies


If you choose not to do the initial then simply start at the bottom of the bottle and work your way up and around.

Rhinestone Alcohol Bottle Steps

  1. First, gather the rhinestones you need for your design. If you lay out the design beforehand, it will be much easier when you get to work.

  2. Apply a small amount of glue to the center of the rhinestone. If you use too much glue, it will be much more difficult when you first start because the rhinestones will slide around, causing your design to turn out crooked.

  3. Start with the design first. This allows you to align it exactly where you want it to make it visually appealing.

  4. Once you have applied the design, work your way out around it to secure it in place.

Happy decorating!




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