Country Jam Colorado Playlist


If you’re reading this right now then chances are I’m on the road to Colorado. As I’m writing this, I’m actually procrastinating on packing since I have “nothing to wear” and am slowly dreading the 12 hour drive ahead of us before the crack of dawn. Why am I making the trip out to Colorado? Two words: Country Jam.

As I scoured across the web for concerts and festivals last year, I came across Country Jam Colorado.  Four days, 28 artists and one hell of a good time. Add in the fact that Vegas is along the way and the student ticket was only $80 and you’ve got the recipe for a crazy (yet frugal) weekend. For months now, my friend Julie and I have been sitting around with our tickets and campsite pass, anticipating this trip. Now that the time has come there’s only one logical thing to do: make a playlist.

Any road trip is only as good as the company you keep and the tunes you jam to along the way. These are the songs you sing at the top of your lungs with the windows down as you knock down the journey one mile at a time. For this trip, I’ve compiled some of my favorites from Country Jam 2015’s headliners to keep us company on our drive. Although the playlist won’t make it through the whole 12 hours, it’ll certainly get us pumped for the weekend ahead.

Even though most of you won’t be making this trip with us, you can still sit back and enjoy this musical ride.

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