College Graduation

For the next few weeks, you can probably expect a lot of posts about the final stretch of my collegiate journey. Graduation is less than a month away and it all seems so surreal. Midterms, finals and papers will all soon be a thing of the past and then I will finally be free to live my life.


Just kidding. The thing about being an actual grown up and living in “the real world” (because let’s face it, college is nothing like real life) is responsibilities. More importantly: BILLS. And while some part of me may feel like the GIF above, this is probably what most of us post-grads will look like the week after graduation (unless of course, you’re one of the lucky ones with a job already lined up).


I feel you Robin – take me back! I still remember my dad dropping me off at the dorms and how determined I was, not only to not be on the 5-year plan, but to graduate early. Now┬áI just want to go back and re-live these last 3 years. But today, I’m not going to worry about all the daunting things that await me at the finish line. Today, I’m going to decorate my mortarboard and enjoy every last second of collegiate life before I have to say goodbye.

Work in progress
Sneak preview of my mortarboard.

It’s a work in progress.











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